Ear Pong: The New Craze Sweeping Across China

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Bacon Production released this video of a Chinese man playing ping pong with his ears. Ear Pong is apparently an emerging trend that has been sweeping the nation of China for the past few years. While Americans perfect their beer pong skills, the Chinese are working on their ear pong technique!

Do You Need Paddle-Shaped Ears To Play Ear Pong?

The Chinese man who resides in a small rural town outside of Beijing is seen in the video running down the street Rocky style and has the whole town curious about his skills. His ping pong paddle-shaped ears, which are the envy of Britain’s Prince Charles and the Stanley Cup creators, were gradually stretched by his mother from an early age. The technique is know as “paddling”. Without the paddle ears, you cannot play the game. Players have even tried cheating to gain entry to tournaments by gluing paddles to their ears. The EPAC (Ear Pong Association of China) is one of the strictest sporting regulatory bodies in the world and sets very particular guidelines. To be a participant in their tournaments is an art in itself. The criteria required to play works in a similar way to sumo wrestling in Japan.

The video is supposedly for Xbox but the confusing thing is that at the end of the clip, the old Xbox logo shows. Was this an old commercial that was cut at the last minute or a deliberate leak from the gaming console? Either way, the release of the video has created quite a stir and Uberpong have just put in an order for some ear stretchers so we can start playing.

– Would you play ear pong?
– Do you think it could become the next Olympic sport?

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