GPS Ping Pong By WallyGPX

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WallyGPX‘s tribute to table tennis was a one hour and forty-four minute cycling adventure through the streets of Baltimore. He achieved a maximum speed of 17.9mph, but as he often shares, most of the ride was pedaled at a pace which allowed him to focus on positioning and location over velocity. “GPS Ping Pong” was recorded on June 11th, 2013, was the 7th Ride of Season 5, and is a member of a growing batch of carefully planned pathways that demonstrate a three dimensional aspect to the completed image. Hours of planning and preparation went into the creation of this image, beginning with a sketch of its route, and ending with a blend of creativity, technology and exercise ultimately celebrating the game we all know and love. For more information about WallyGPX and the evolution of his 291 total rides logged since 2010, please feel invited to follow the “bike as brush” artist here:
Instagram: @wallygpx
Twitter: @WallyGPX
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WallyGPX GPS ping pong geoglyph

[writing credit: Ben Levinson]

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