Headis Combines Ping Pong And Soccer

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Ever heard of Headis? No? Let’s get you up to speed…
Headis is a hybrid sport of ping pong and soccer created in 2006 after two bored soccer players started heading a ball back and forth on a soccer field sideline. It involves, well, heading a ball back and forth across a ping pong table.  It might not be as well-known as ping pong, but it’s players are devoted to its cause donning nicknames like ‘Lord,’ ‘Headgear,’ and ‘Headonis.’ In a similar way to Bubble Soccer, Headis has grown enough that they have annual tournaments, even becoming a finalist in the world’s largest start-up competition in the sporting goods industry –  the “ISPO Brand New Award” from Munich. Headis ultimately did not win, but it was a true ‘face off’ (face off, get it?!)
What are you waiting for Uberpong fans ? Get your heads in the game!

Headis ping pong table soccer


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