High Speed Camera Captures Every Movement Of A Ping Pong Ball

table tennis laboratory speed test

The Japanese have a habit of appearing to be leagues ahead of the rest of the world in the technology industry. On the Uberpong blog, we have already brought you news of Topio’s ping pong playing robot and now bring you a fascinating video by the folks at Ishikawa Oku Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. Researchers have built a high speed camera that can perfectly track fast-moving objects like a ping pong ball in mid-flight. The camera line is controlled by two mirrors attached to high-speed motors which can readjust in a fraction of a second. They are capable of filming at a speed of 1000 frames per second. Oku Ishikawa Lab Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa says: “I hope the technology will be applied to various fields in robotics, medical/bio operation, scientific observation, as well as judgement or analysis in sports at the Olympic Games.”

high speed camera table tennis

via New Scientist