Homemade Lightsaber: Use the Force To Tear Through A Ping Pong Ball!

Homemade Lightsaber ping pong ball

Zhwoooooo! Crack! VVuuuummm! Whhhhfffnnnnn! Did my computer just get invaded by the Dark Side? No, Star Wars fans. That’s the sound of a homemade lightsaber, ahem, laser lighting up and tearing through a ping pong ball! It’s not just any laser, however. It’s a 3000 mega watt laser that uses 9 millimeter 450 nanometer laser diode and runs on two 18650 LI On batteries. If that last sentence went straight over your head, then you might need to check out the video below (scroll to the 0:59 second mark for the ping pong ball).
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Homemade Lightsaber ping pong ball
Now just imagine if our paddles had that kind of capability… our matches would be ON FIRE! Kids, you probably shouldn’t try this at home!