How To Make A Floating Candle From Ping Pong Balls

floating ping pong ball candles

If you are incredibly bored and it’s too cold to play table tennis in the garage, here’s how to create floating candles from ping pong balls:

ping pong balls floating candlesfloating candles list of accessorieshow to guide floating candles

1. Punch a hole into the ping pong ball.

2. Run a piece of neon string through it and make a knot.

3. Cut half of the ping pong ball off.

4. Take a tea light and crumble it. Fill the crumbles into the ‘half ping pong ball’ and don’t forget the wick.

5. Spray paint the plastic animals.

6. Attach a plastic animal to the neon thread.

reindeer toy ping pong candle7. Fill glass cylinder bowl with water and let the candles swim!

floating ping pong ball candlesvia Funky Time