Inclusion Fuses Ping Pong And Racquetball

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The Inclusion is a Kickstarter project that combines ping pong and racquetball. Uberpong are huge proponents of people attempting to change the game and make it more accessible to a larger population. That is exactly what Marco Santini is doing with the Inclusion. He has designed side walls that strap onto the side of a regular table tennis table. Now you can ricochet the ping pong ball off the walls, air hockey style, and use your trajectory skills to beat your opponent. Table tennis has already been proven to be the sport that makes you use your brain the most. I can see the Inclusion being great for kids, the elderly and people with mental problems. It could be crucial in getting people into the game, re-engaging people in a social setting and as a rehabilitative tool.
Have you seen any other examples of cool design in ping pong? Let us know about them in the comments below this post.

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