Korean Girl Band Releases Ping Pong Inspired Song

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Having spent 6 months teaching English in Japan in 2005, I became very accustomed to J-Pop – the overly cutesy, bubblegum style of music that can be heard in every games arcade in Tokyo. Asia’s answer to this is the Simon Cowell / Gangnam Style inspired Korean girl band ‘Orange Caramel‘. Their song ‘Lipstick’ focuses on a girl who accidentally puts lipstick on a man’s shirt she just met. The band who are all dressed in orange, combine their X-Factor manufactured sound with ping pong to produce one of the weirdest videos I have seen in a long time!

– What do you think of Orange Caramel’s song?
– How do you think the song would be translated from Korean to English?
– Will the game of ping pong ever recover from this?!
Please leave your comments/song lyrics under this article.

Orange Caramel korean girl band lipstick

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