LEGO Ping Pong Paddles And Table

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LEGO ping pong equipment has always been a dream for the Uberpong Crew. You may be familiar with Bwoywonder aka The Plastic Surgeon. He was the creator of the LEGO brick chains worn by Kanye West, Pharrell, Diddy, Cara Delevingne Will.I.Am. Bwoywonder has taken his creative prowess with the famous plastic bricks and exhibited his artistry in the fashion and music worlds. Having also created clothing emblazoned with LEGO, baseball caps, jewelry, he has just collaborated with Mead Furniture to create a LEGO designer ping pong paddle and table. Check out these awesome photos:

Flappy Bird ping pong paddle LEGO

Plastic Surgeon Bwoywonder LEGO artist

Bwoywonder Plastic Surgeon LEGO fair

Flappy Bird LEGO ping pong paddle

Bwoywonder Plastic Surgeon LEGO table

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