Maori TV Features Uberpong

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The Auckland Open was last Saturday featuring gorgeous Kiwi table tennis player Sarah Her-Lee. The event also had MC and pro player Adam Bobrow entertaining the attendees. Adam had been kind enough to fly a couple of Uberpong designer ping pong paddles from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand for the event. They were spot prizes for members of the crowd but what was even cooler was the fact that Adam took them on Maori TV and showed them off to the Kiwi viewers on the show Code. Adam – we love you!!

See below photos. He is holding our Kickstarter limited edition “Sunshine After The Rain” paddle (left) and our “Smoke” paddle (right). Also, check out Sarah Her-Lee’s blog post on the event. You can see Adam with the Uberpong paddles on the video at 0:29!!

Adam Bobrow Maori TV Uberpong paddles

Uberpong custom table tennis racket Adam Bobrow

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