Marty Reisman Tribute

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Following on from our previous post that brought the sad news of Marty Reisman’s death, we thought we would publish a tribute to “The Needle” with links to some of his exhibition and pro encounters. Here is a Marty Reisman tribute:

Marty Reisman sitting table tennis table
The first video shows Marty Reisman playing against Al Papp in this 2003 sandpaper table tennis matchup. The location is Dexter Gray’s Hollywood haunted castle.

The second video shows Marty performing a series of variations on his famous cigarette trick. The “Marlboro Massacre” was filmed in the basement of Harry’s east side Manhattan apartment building.

Here’s Marty Reisman vs Victor Barna in the 1949 English Open. Check out Barna’s cool 360 spin when he misses a shot and Reisman’s unbelievable defense.

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