Moontower Comedy Festival Ping Pong Slapdown

Uberpong ping pong slapdown moontower comedy festival

The Moontower Comedy Festival took place recently in Austin, Texas. Uberpong sponsored the second Ping Pong Slapdown and witnessed Judah Friedlander take the glorious title of World Champion (wait a minute, isn’t that already his title?!).

Comedians Emo Phillips, Nate Bargatze, Randy Liedtke and Emily Heller also competed. The Sklar Brothers commentated on the matches from above the stage at the Stateside Theater. The nicknames they gave players really emphasized the slacker nature of the locals. “Austin Christian Bale” was so lazy, he took an Uber from a block away to get to the venue. “Luke Longsleeves” lacked any style but to his credit made it to the semi-final. What made it even more entertaining was the fact they only interviewed the losers of the matches.

Judah Friedlander had his ping pong entourage (or should that be pongtourage) bring his paddle to the stage and take his jacket. When he complained about the height of the net at one point, you weren’t sure if he was being serious or not. In the end, the 30 Rock star clearly took his table tennis way too seriously by defeating the crowd favorite Ben Dizzle. Check out the photos below:

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