Multi Purpose Ping Pong Table For Kids

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This multi purpose ping pong table has been intelligently designed by Chinese company Huzi design. The company is targeting pre-school children with the product. With the tagline, “Play. Write. Draw. Share. Live”, you can play ping pong one minute and then draw on the chalkboard surface the next. This is actually a very Japanese style of design; creating a multi-purpose product that can take advantage of the limited space people have. Uberpong hope to see more of this from the Chinese. With their dominance in the sport of table tennis, this could be the start of a trend that allows them to compete at the highest level in the field of design.
Trivia: “huzi” means “mustache” in Chinese!

– What do you think of Huzi’s ping pong table? Would you want one in your living room?
– Have you seen any other examples of ping pong being combined with design?
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multi purpose ping pong table
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