New Uberpong Paddles Let You Play With Style!

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The goal with Uberpong paddles is to always improve and innovate. We think we have achieved that with the new and improved Uberpong paddle. Our blades are elegant and feel great in the hand. Our pips out rubber is used for a unique printing effect giving it the impression of being a Roy Liechtenstein piece (pop art meets ping pong!). Our logo is subtle and matches the cool orange trim. We know you will love it.

With our new website launching in January 2014, our original designer paddles will be joined by new designs from some of the world’s best graphic designers. And if you don’t see any designs you like on our site or below (yeah right!!)? Well, maybe you should create your own custom ping pong paddles? Put your face or your favorite photo from Instagram or Facebook on an Uberpong paddle. Play with style!

Uberpong paddles graphic design cool

Uberpong paddles lion design gift

custom ping pong paddle abstract art

art designer table tennis racket Uberpong

octopus custom ping pong paddle Uberpong

Uberpong wooden table tennis blade

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