Norma McGraw Rocks Colorado With Safari Uberpong Paddle

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We received this email from Norma McGraw who had bought one of our Safari paddles and we simply had to publish it. Our mission is to spread color and cool in the world of table tennis and we were so happy to see that we are achieving this in Colorado:

Hey guys! Love my Safari paddle!!! I’m the head of the Anthem Ranch Table Tennis Club in Broomfield, CO. We’re an “active adult” community but we have some pretty raucous games and our monthly challenge match day is mayhem! My Safari paddle is the envy of our group of approximately 50 players. I’m hoping they’ll see how cool it is and how often I win using it!

Check out the photos of Norma in action below.

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Norma McGraw Safari Uberpong paddle
 Anthem Ranch Table Tennis Club

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