12 Hilarious Photoshops Inspired By Obama Playing Ping Pong

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A little while ago the press spotted President Obama playing ping pong with David Cameron. It brought back the whole idea of ping pong diplomacy in politics and the world realized that the US leader could play! What Obama didn’t expect was that one photo in particular captured him looking just a little bit funky. The interweb latched onto this and it has become a viral hit. Here are 12 hilarious Photoshops inspired by Obama playing ping pong:

Obama Playing Ping Pong : The Original

President Obama playing ping pong

The Forrest Gump

Obama Forrest Gump ping pong

The Obama Symphony Orchestra

Obama cello bow orchestra hall

Obama Wars

Obama lightsaber Darth Vader Star Wars

Obama Cowboy

Obama cowboy hat horse Wild West

Obama Vegas

Obama casino dice gambling Vegas

Obama Mean Streets

Obama street games gambling betting

Obama Coming At Ya!”
Obama ping pong paddle spank

Obama Dance

President Obama dancing video game

Obama MasterChef

Obama cook MasterChef kitchen pan

Enter The Obama Dragon

Obama Bruce Lee martial arts

Obama Tennis

President Obama tennis racket Photoshop

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