OISE Cross Channel Table Tennis Match Against Ping!

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OISE Language Coaching hosted a table tennis match against UK initiative Ping! Students started the battle in Oxford, England and then traveled across the English Channel to take on their counterparts in Paris, France. Both companies believe in interaction, and cross-cultural communication and the event marked the the Ping! Oxford Summer Festival. The first OISE cross channel table tennis match began in central Oxford at Gloucester Green with the Paris part of the Champ de Mars next to the Eiffel Tower. Oxford managed a continuous game of Berlin Style ping pong for 11 minutes and 30 seconds with 15 players. The OISE Paris students were victorious with a time of 13 minutes and 6 seconds with only 7 players.

Event organiser Laurence Clayton-Trotman from OISE Language Coaching says: “Ping! encourages people to interact like no other event and removes barriers to communication, which is the approach OISE takes in language coaching.”

What Uberpong really liked was hearing that many of the students had not really played ping pong before. They started hesitantly but being inspired by the challenge their confidence grew and they used their language skills to encourage their team mates and shout tips to help them. This is the power of the game. Huberto Dominguez, 15 from Madrid added “Ping! was great fun. We didn’t beat OISE Paris but we had a great team and we all helped each other!”. Here are some shots from the event and the teams with their custom Uberpong paddles.

OISE Uberpong ping pong paddles
Ping Oxford table tennis table
ping pong table Gloucester Green
Uberpong OISE custom ping pong paddles
oise cross channel table tennis Eiffel Tower
ping pong dive girl Paris
table tennis Champ de Mars

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