Photoshop + Ping Pong = Epic Tournament Scene

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I spotted Corey Lack’s ping pong vision on Instagram and loved what he had created using Photoshop. I reached out to him and he sent us the following info about it:

“This is a conceptual personal project I shot. I love the competitive nature in sports and wanted to take it to the extreme and add a dash of comedy. It’s comprised of 4 photos and a type treatment that were composited together in Photoshop. A majority of my commercial and ad work is due to someone seeing a personal project and wanting me to do it for them. If you want to see more of my work you can visit my website at and make sure to follow me on Volley on!”

We love the Chawlie inspired headband, the Johnny Knoxville doppelganger and of course the UT Longhorns hand signal! What do you think Uberpong community?

Ping Pong tournament player Photoshop

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