Ping & Pong: Kidrobot Dunny 2012 Series

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Mauro Gatti is an Italian illustrator and designer and runs a creative studio called Mutado in Milan. He was part of the Kidrobot Dunny 2012 Series with his table tennis inspired creations, Ping & Pong. Mauro says, “ping pong is one of my favourite sports of all time. My brother and I loved playing it when we were younger and it’s still super fun if you ask me, I can’t help myself from playing it whenever I see a ping pong table. I created Ping & Pong, two twin brothers that are table tennis masters. They play wherever they go, wherever you put them. They love table tennis, it’s practically their life and their rivalry is epic. Ping is great at serving while Pong is the smashing master. They eat a lot of zucchini, peas and broccoli to maintain their bright green color. They are enemies on the ping pong table but once they are done with the game, they love to wear their gold medals, go out for a few edamame smoothies and hit the dance floor.”

I went wild when Mauro sent his ping pong siblings to Uberpong HQ and have been starting at them ever since. The colors are strong, they have mini nets that stretch across their ears, both have a real sense of character and I have embraced them as our mascots!

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Here are Ping & Pong:Kid Robot Dunny designer toys

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