Ping Pong 4 Purpose Rocks LA

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Ping Pong 4 Purpose took place on September 4th 2014 at Dodger Stadium (home of Major League baseball’s LA Dodgers) and will go down as one of the most successful charity ping pong events ever. Uberpong directed it and teamed up with Dodgers ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw to help raise money for Kershaw’s Challenge.

The event kicked off with a skydiver landing on the field, running to the pitcher’s mound and surprising Clayton with a couple of Uberpong custom ping pong paddles with his face on them. Celebrities including Jimmy Kimmel and LA Dodgers players then competed in a doubles ping pong tournament, playing on the eleven ping pong tables placed between first and third base. Partnerships included Andi Dorfman/Josh Murray, Andre Ethier/Chris Harrison, Craig Robinson/Justin Turner and George Lopez/Adrian Gonzalez. Josh Henderson and Dee Gordon ended up stealing the glory by winning it all with Josh Murray and The Bachelorette’s Andi Dorfman making it to the final.

Uberpong were fortunate enough to make it onto the digital advertising boards between the grandstands and even made it onto the jumbotron for the duration of the night. Every celebrity who arrived on the blue carpet (the Dodgers response to Hollywood’s traditional red carpet) held up their own custom paddle that Uberpong had created for them for the awaiting paparazzi. Uberpong had also created custom tournament bracket software that was displayed on the jumbotron. Tables were provided by our friends at Joola. The event was a huge success and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s event. If you were there, please check out our Facebook page and Instagram stream and tag you and your friends.

Dodger Stadium LA Dodgers seats

LA Dodgers logo grass home plate

LA Dodgers custom Uberpong paddle

skydiver kershaw's challenge Dodger Stadium aerial

skydiver Clayton Kershaw Chris Harrison
MC microphone pitcher mound LA

Uberpong digital advertising board Dodgers

Custom ping pong balls Uberpong

Kershaw's Challenge Uberpong t-shirt

Clayton Kershaw signed ping pong paddles

Uberpong ping pong table Dodger Stadium

Uberpong team Dodger Stadium LA

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table tennis table Dodger Stadium

Uberpong volunteer Dodger Stadium sunglasses

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Uberpong t-shirts Ping Pong 4 Purpose

Dodger Stadium field ballpark baseball

Dodger Stadium Ping Pong 4 Purpose table

Dodger Stadium paparazzi photographers press

Jimmy Kimmel ping pong table

Dodger Stadium aerial photo diamond

Joola professional table tennis table

Kevin Millar Will Ferrell t-shirt

Justin Turner backwards baseball cap

Josh Beckett Dodgers baseball fan
Sandesh Awale Subal Mehta table tennis

George Lopez interview Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium jumbotron ping pong bracket

Dodger Stadium field panorama photo

Jimmy Kimmel playing ping pong

Dodger Stadium jumbotron Uberpong logo

ping pong tournament Dodger Stadium

Jaleel White Steve Urkel playing ping pong

ping pong tournament bracket schedule

Nick Young baby ping pong paddle

Uberpong laptop ping pong bracket

Jimmy Kimmel talk show host

Justin Turner Craig Robinson Dodgers

glass trophy Kershaw's Challenge prize

Don Mattingly celebrating ping pong
Erin Cahill David Lowe Jake Johnson

glass trophies Ping Pong 4 Purpose

Justin Turner Kourtney Elizabeth beer

George Lopez Adrian Gonzalez ping pong

Josh Henderson Dee Gordon Chris Harrison

David Lowe Ari Franklin Uberpong

Erin Cahill custom Uberpong paddle

Uberpong decal table tennis table

David Lowe Kim Gilbert LA Dodgers

Uberpong custom ping pong paddles

David Lowe Dodger Stadium Uberpong

Craig Robinson Justin Turner ping pong

Clayton Kershaw David Lowe handshake

Chris Harrison Bachelor jumbotron Uberpong

Clayton Kershaw blue headband Uberpong

Brian Wilson black beard Uberpong

Andre Ethier custom ping pong paddle Uberpong
Clayton Kershaw playing ping pong
Berlin style ping pong rules

Berlin style ping pong Uberpong

Clayton Kershaw custom Uberpong paddle

Chris Harrison custom Uberpong paddle

Brian Wilson playing ping pong

Clayton Kershaw Chris Paul playing ping pong
Andi Dorfman Bachelorette ping pong trophy

Chris Harrison Andre Ethier playing ping pong

Andre Ethier Clayton Kershaw AJ Ellis
Andre Ethier Chris Harrison playing ping pong

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray playing ping pong

Andi Dorfman Clayton Kershaw ping pong trophies

Golden Glove Clayton Kershaw trophy

World Series Championship trophy LA Dodgers

LA Dodgers 42 baseball jersey

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