University Of Colorado Develop Robot Gardeners From Ping Pong Balls

blue robot ping pong ball

Ping pong and robots are becoming best friends. Whether it is a robot trying to play ping pong against a human or a robot playing another robot, technology has enabled humanoids to transcend from the virtual to the real world. Researchers at the University of Colorado have developed tiny robots inside ping pong balls that could soon be used to garden on Mars. If enough are used and they become robot gardeners and be used to create habitats and grow crops on other planets. Now when everyone at Uberpong heard this, we got excited. I mean, playing ping pong on Mars or the Moon. Uberpong Intergalactic??!!

Like bees, hundreds and even thousands of these small robots can communicate wirelessly to complete large tasks. The really cool part of this project is that, like open source software, the researchers have published the code online for the robots so others can develop software for them. Check out the images and video below and let us know what planet you would like to play ping pong on?

robot gardeners ping pong ballblue robot ping pong ballpink robot ping pong ballrobot ping pong balls swarm