Ping Pong Deadlier Than Guns According To Texas Lawmaker

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Is ping pong deadlier than guns? Uberpong is based in the weird and wonderful city of Austin, Texas. Ask any Austinite to describe Austin and they will tell you “it is a blue island in a sea of red; an oasis of liberalism.” So hearing Texas State Representative Kyle Kacal stating that “guns don’t kill people—ping pong kills people” shortly after the Connecticut school shootings, certainly had a few people scratching their heads. The Consumer Product Safety Commission does warn that some sports equipment may have unexpected hazards, however, neither table tennis paddles nor table tennis itself appears to have hurt any children out of the 13 toy-related deaths and 262,300 toy-related injuries to children under 15 in 2011. Kacal who runs a hunting business continued to say that “new gun restrictions are unnecessary….People know what they need to do to be safe. We don’t need to legislate that—it’s common sense….Once everyone’s gun is locked up, then the bad guys know everyone’s gun is locked up.” He also came out against a bill instructing Texans how to secure their assault weapons.”

– What do you think about Kyle Kacal’s comments?
– Is ping pong really more dangerous than guns?!

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