Ping Pong Documentary Focuses On Senior Table Tennis Players

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A recent ping pong documentary has impressed a number of film critics. Directed by Brit Hugh Hartford, Ping Pong focuses on the 15th-annual over-80 World Veterans Championship held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia over two years ago. According to the San Francisco Gate, chiropractic neurologist and certified chiropractic sports physician Dr. Leslie Prins explained that table tennis is a fantastic way for folks to stay in shape. “The speed of table tennis is a great cardiovascular workout and improves reflexes and core tone, and is highly stimulating to brain activity,” Prins explained. “It also provides significant joint mobility of both upper and lower extremities and increases energy over time.”

Uberpong are big believers in changing the perception of ping pong and taking it away from a male dominated sport. With the tagline, “Never Too Old For Gold”, this movie shows that anyone can play the game at any age.

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