Cool Ping Pong Paddle Art By Roy Wasson Valle

Forrest Gump Christopher Walken ping pong paddles

Roy Wasson Valle is a Mexican artist and sculptor who has created this awesome ping pong paddle art. His Great Moments in Ping Pong Movie History (Walken with Forrest) artwork was made for an invitational art show at the Pravus Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona. The paddle was first covered with linoleum and then cut to create the image which was scanned and turned into a screen print. The paddle was then finished and mounted for the show run. It was inspired first by Forrest Gump and the character’s stint as a ping pong diplomat for China and by Christopher Walken’s always superb and odd characterization of a ping pong mad man. Roy has worked on the video game Word Realms and is currently working on a clothing label Fuzzy balls apparel which is based upon his printed designs and small sculptural toys.

Christopher Walken Forrest Gump ping pong paddles

ping pong paddle art gallery museum

Christopher Walken Forrest Gump ping pong paddles

Forrest Gump ping pong paddle art