Ping Pong Summer SXSW Screening

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Ping Pong Summer premiered at the Sundance Festival. Michael Tully, the film’s director, was kind enough to line up some tickets for the Uberpong team. The Ping Pong Summer SXSW premiere was in Austin and we saw the movie at The Marchesa Hall & Theatre on Saturday March 15th.

Ping Pong Summer SXSW Premiere And That ’80s Vibe

Ping Pong Summer is set in Ocean City, Maryland – one of the few cities he could film in to get the authentic 1980s feel without having to remove the obligatory Starbucks with CGI. This coming of age drama features two main characters (Rad Miracle and Teddy Fryy) who are vacationing and looking for ways to avoid boredom. Ping pong at a local venue called Fun Hub is the pursuit that saves them and soon brings them into contact with girls and the local bullies. The cast also includes Susan Sarandon (the Mister Miyagi of this movie) Judah Friedlander (the weird shop clerk), Lea Thompson (Miracle’s mom) and John Hannah (Miracle’s Dad who is a sheriff) who put in good supporting appearances. If you were a teenager in the 80s, expect a walk down memory lane and a serious overdose of nostalgia. A solid addition to your 80s collection (in the 2010s!), Ping Pong Summer is a cool indie flick that is well worth seeing.

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