Politicians Play Ping Pong To Stay Healthy

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Usually, when politicians of separate parties take office, they change the decor, staff, and overall look of their offices. According to a June 3rd article in the Sacramento Bee, the office of California Governor Jerry Brown decided to prove that politicians play ping pong to stay healthy. He got rid of the stogies and installed a ping pong table in the courtyard adjoining the Governor’s office. The move replaced the tents that used to house cigar smokers during the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s governorship.

Political ping pong isn’t just a term anymore. It’s a movement, as people from Governor Brown, to President Barack Obama, and Prime Minister David Cameron try their hand at the game as a healthier alternative to late night stogie sessions. Who knows… maybe the next great politician to run for office might put his face on some ping pong paddles!
Which politicians have you seen playing ping pong? Let us know about them in the comments below this post.

politicians play ping pong courtyard

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