Pongplexed Ping Pong Circus Is In Town

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Pongplexed have created a range of tables that are bringing people together through the medium of table tennis. Based in Brighton, England the outfit comprises of a highly skilled team of artists, designers and ping pong lovers. With spray painted tables designed by Sinna One, Pongplexed are firmly in the Uberpong sphere – breaking the rules and shaking ping pong up! Here are some photos of their events:PongPlexed festival Boomtown girl leg
PongPlexed ping pong paddles graffiti street art
ping pong table festival paddle
Mexican ghetto blaster radio maracas
table tennis table art net
ping pong paddle festival fair
ping pong table Beano comic
Beano table tennis table costume
ping pong ball table net

Boomtown Fair ping pong festival
ping pong hipster style cool

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