PONGTOPIA App Launch At Uberpong Vegas

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The PONGTOPIA app launch will coincide with Uberpong Vegas 2015 (aka The World’s Biggest Ping Pong Pool Party). The app will be available on iPhone initially with plans to launch on Android by the end of 2015. PONGTOPIA will extend Ping Pong Map by Uberpong and build an entire mobile social network into it. Think Foursquare combined with Facebook, Table Tennis Daily and PingSkills. Exciting right?!

The mission of the app is simple: find every ping pong table in the world. The beta community has already found thousands of tables but it is up to you to find the rest. The app will also allow you to challenge friends, see tables and venues that are trending and brag about your wins on social media. Profile pages mean that you can easily keep track of your friends and favorite table tennis brands. PONGTOPIA aims to bring the world together through table tennis.

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