POPP: Public Outdoor Ping Pong

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POPP (Public Outdoor Ping Pong) is an initiative that has been launched in Australia. Three ping pong table designs have been produced and installed at over 170 diverse locations throughout the country.

POPP Public Outdoor Ping Pong logo

POPP Public Outdoor Ping Pong Table

THE FLAGSHIP – First in, best dressed

The Flagship table is a robust 700kg steel outdoor ping pong table. The beast is fully welded (even the net) with an industrial standard, single color surface treatment. The Flagship often has the work of locally commissioned artists applied. POPP calls it “public interactive art”.

ping pong table art design

THE EPHEMERALIST – A lesson in minimalism

The Ephemeralist is an outdoor ping pong table for the minimalists. If you are a fan of Buckminster Fuller, this table is for you! The table has been commissioned by and permanently installed at some iconic locations including Harry Siedler’s MLC centre in Sydney.

yellow ping pong table POPP

green ping pong table POPP

THE SCHOOL – Like chess but faster

The School table is the first of its kind: a permanent outdoor table tennis table designed and made specifically for Australian schools. The School Table is a quick assembly piece and consists of a galvanized steel frame and net. This table responds to the needs and requests of primary and secondary schools looking for innovative ways to better engage and provide for their students.

school ping pong table POPP

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