Public Ping Pong – The Motion And The Harmony

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Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher is a film maker and ping pong enthusiast living in Berlin, Germany. About a year ago his parents visited him there and fell in love with the public ping pong tables. They asked him to make a video to help convince their city council to build more ping pong tables back in the U.S.

So Kaleb got to work and created a video that anyone could use to promote the construction of public tables in their own community. The Motion And The Harmony was his creation. The video is 100% non-commercial and is to be free and used solely for the promotion of public ping pong tables. It is his hope that one day every city could have a public table and experience the wealth of benefits that public tables provide. Please share Kaleb’s video with as many people as possible to help spread the word about the need for public ping pong tables. Want to find a public ping pong table near you? Download our PONGTOPIA app and find tables all around the world!

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