Red And Black Rebellion Poster By Viktor Hertz

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Uberpong are leading the revolution to change table tennis and make it more accessible, colorful and fun to play. With our designer paddles, we have collaborated with graphic designers from around the world. With our custom pong paddles, we allow you to add any designs you want on both sides of the paddle. With the Red & Black Rebellion, we have created an event that will inject fun into the game of ping pong! A friend and collaborator of ours, Viktor Hertz, is a Swedish graphic designer who we feel shares our values and following his ‘Bird’ paddle design, he has created the Red And Black Rebellion poster for our launch event. Seeing as we are keeping this event hush hush to prevent the table tennis authorities finding about our rebellion and making us play with red and black paddles, you can find out more info and register for the tournaments here.

red and black rebellion poster

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