Robot Arm Learns Ping Pong And Plays Humans

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Researchers at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany have developed a robot arm that can play ping pong against human opposition. We have already seen humanoid robots playing against each other and founder of Uberpong David Lowe playing against a Robo-Pong but now we see robots with the ability to play humans. How do they do this?
robot arm ping pong technologyKatharina Muelling and colleagues suspended a robotic arm from the ceiling and equipped it with a camera that films the playing area. Then Muelling physically guided the arm through different shots to return incoming balls. This interaction allowed the robot to learn ping pong from its human counterpart and improve as it played more shots. After an hour of unassisted practice, the system successfully returned 88 per cent of shots.

robot arm playing ping pong

Images: Proftec and New Scientist

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