Smash Pong: Enticing Installation Ping Pong Game

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Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel of Vallée Duhamel have created Smash Pong – a customized table tennis table that breaks all the rules of the game. And Uberpong salutes them! As part of an exhibition called “On! Handcrafted Digital Playground” at the Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati, Smash Pong is a game that requires players to try and hit wooden pieces of varying shapes and sizes scattered around the table to gain points. The installation also includes a scoreboard and custom paddles. This reminds of the game that came out of Argentina a while back called Ping Pong With Obstacles.

smash pong table tennis table

Vallee Duhamel ping pong installation

Julien Vallee Eve Duhamel paddle

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