Dubai Ping Pong Social Club Brings Luxury To The Game

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Spin is a Dubai ping pong social club and the group’s first venture outside of North America. The aim is to keep the exploding game of ping pong in the spotlight and help it become THE social sport. Sure, you do feel as if you have to be a champagne sipping celebrity to play at Spin Dubai (Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber are a couple of said paparazzi magnets who have frequented the clubs) but with venues in New York, Toronto and LA, if it helps get more people into the game, Uberpong approves! Ping pong (once known as “wiff-waff”), originated in the UK in the late 19th Century. Today, it is spreading fast and becoming a global phenomenon. Players now demand their own custom ping pong paddles and are inspired to create their own crazy table tennis tables.
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Spin Dubai ping pong tables
Spin Dubai Soo Yeon Lee

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