Stiga iPong Fuses Table Tennis With Technology

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No, there’s not an app for it, but there is a table. Enter the Stiga iPong “Waldner” table. It’s a ping pong table designed by the geniuses at Apple, featuring advanced computer system integration. Why would a ping-pong table need computer integration, you might ask? Well, the Waldner’s built-in integration system features 12 Bose speakers, wi-fi, and an algorithm within the table that runs reports on games, from everything from ball speed, to ball placement. Even better, you can download these reports to your iPhone or iPad. Whether you are swinging the paddle for the first time, or featured every four years at the Olympics, the Waldner is built to work with anyone who has a love and desire for the combination of ping pong and analytics. Excited yet? Check out the pictures below:

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