Sultans of Ping Take On Cancer

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Adam Sumner and Matt Reynolds – aka The Sultans of Ping – are bar workers by trade and ping pong enthusiasts by nature. Together they work at Nottingham’s premier ping pong and pizza bar Das Kino. Since opening their bar back in September they have had an unhealthy obsession with all things pong. They soon took to playing for hours at a time after bar shifts, sometimes long after last orders had been called and often disturbed the cleaners that would arrive in the early hours of the morning. Theirs truly is a love that transcends the time it is deemed healthy to stay in a bar; however it’s fairly evident that their ambition far outweighs their technical ability.

They are a philanthropic if not determined pair so, for 24 hours for the whole of Sunday 17th May (midnight to midnight), they have arranged to play a non-stop high-octane ping pong match to rival all others and all in the name of a brilliant charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. They have chosen Macmillan as a charity that’s very close to their hearts, both having seen first-hand the invaluable love and support the organization provides to both cancer sufferers and their loved ones.

So far in preparation, the two have implemented a rigorous training regime that has seen them running the length and breadth of their hometown of Nottingham (to varying levels of success) and cutting out alcohol and cigarettes from their lives all together (no mean feat in the bar trade) in a bid to maintain 24 hours worth of sheer-pong.

For the course of the grueling stint the public will be able to visit the bar, have a drink and cheer them on, but mostly they need your support. Please donate anything you can to help them reach their goal for Macmillan by visiting the Just Giving.

Check out their progress on Twitter or show your support with the hashtag #sultansofping.

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