Sundial Vinyl Ping Pong Toy


Sundial is a new limited edition vinyl figure with miniature ping pong paddle and ball. He is the leader of the Astros ping-pong team. This 7 inch ping pong toy was created by designer Camilo Bejarano and is 1 of only 500 that has been produced. For toy/collectible geeks, Camilo’s description takes it to the next level:

Name: Sundial
Age: 34
Height: 7″ Tall
Weight: 0.7 lbs
Strength: Light
Power: Hypnotism
Weakness: Water

In Camilo’s words, “after 123 sketches, 456 Erasers and 789 nodes. I present to you Sundial!”

ping pong toy vinyl cute

ping pong toy vinyl designer

ping pong toy vinyl designer

ping pong vinyl designer toy

[via Crazy Label]