Swimming Pool Filled With 65000 Ping Pong Balls

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This is one of the most awesome things the Uberpong crew has seen in quite some time. Yes, we’ve seen 25,000 ping pong balls used to cover the walls of an apartment. Yes, we’ve seen 315 table tennis balls used to create a lamp. Well, the bar has been raised. And Uberpong likes bars being raised!

Red Paper Heart is an art studio composed of designers and coders who work together to combine interactivity and animation. For their project for UrbanDaddy, their goal was to create a swimming pool filled with 65000 ping pong balls so that the entire surface area was covered. They created an application which mapped to the pool and displayed a floating river of sound reactive animations and cool graphics. Adding synchronized swimmers to the mix gave the event a tranquil undertone as the DJs belted out the tunes poolside. Check out the video and images below for the coolest party you missed!

[vimeo 57724355 w=730 h=411]swimming pool filled with 65000 ping pong ballsswimming pool interactive projections visualsSychronized swimmers ping pong ballstable tennis balls swimming pool

images: Red Paper Heart

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