T3 Triples Ping Pong Lets You Play Three Way

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T3 Triples Ping Pong is a fresh take on table tennis. With a sleek circular design that feels Japanese inspired, T3 are taking ping pong to the next level by breaking, then making the rules. And Uberpong approves!

– Service is always from the centre, served clockwise from left to right, with 2 serves to each player.
– Each server has 6 serves, then the ball changes ends.
– You can only hit 2 shots in a row, after service.
– Triples ping pong is played to 21 points.

T3 have also introduced a game called ‘The Chaos Theory’ which a a 6-a-side pong fest!

– Score on either ball (2 ping pong balls needed in different colors). You can win a max 2 points per rally.
– Simultaneous serving by both sides on the count of three. Starting with the players standing in the centre to serve opposite from left to right, 1 serve to each person on the other team. So each server again has 6 serves! Continue until 31 is reached.
– No more than 2 consecutive hits per person.
– If the balls ever collide and one remains in play carry on until the remaining point is played out. If both leave the table no points awarded.
– Play until both balls are down before starting the next service.
– Winning team first to 31

Want to play T3 triples ping pong? The tables will soon be appearing at Ping, Earls Court And Richmix, Shoreditch so head on over for a three-way!

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