Table&Tennis Creates Ping Pong Table For The Boardroom

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Following the excellent Enviable workplace article Can Ping Pong In The Office Increase Productivity?, it is clear to see that table tennis is spreading outward from the traditional startup/co-op environment. Now corporations are starting to see the benefits of having a ping pong table in their office as a way to keep their staff sharp and active. With Gen Y demanding more from their job and workplace, companies have had to adapt and create the “third place” (read Howard Schulz’s Pour Your Heart Into It for more info) in their office. Ryan Vanderbilt has created a table tennis table that is the perfect example of this bridge between work and play. Table&Tennis was an idea to merge beautiful design, with a conference / dining table and build it to the official specs of a ping pong table. It’s built so that it can transition simply and instantly between the different uses. As with Japanese design, the onus has shifted to furniture that is not static and has a single purpose but rather to multi-purpose installations.

Do you have a ping pong table in your office? Email us your photos and we’ll publish the best ones on the blog and Facebook page:

ping pong table sliding drawer
table tennis conference room table
conference room table ping pong
Ryan Vanderbilt Table&Tennis ping pong designPhotos by Uberpong contributor Douglas Ljungkvist

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