Table Tennis Documentary By Grizzly Productions

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This is a guest post by Ryan Crowley:

My name is Ryan Crowley and I am Director at Grizzly Productions, where we strive to show any sport that isn’t on mainstream television today. It will range from Kendo to table tennis, to archery to wheelchair rugby. Athletes of all ages and abilities train with unwavering dedication and yet they are not recognised for their efforts. With Grizzly Productions I would like to provide a hub for those sports where they can see their efforts, their stars and their national performances. Also, along with filming their training and events, I will create a show reel which will then help to increase their numbers of participation.

This is a company I have created whilst in university, and Grizzly Productions will be involved with a documentary that I am directing as my final major project. The Cycle of Table Tennis – a table tennis documentary that will uncover the world of table tennis, particularly from a European standpoint. It will cover three key stages in a player’s career. Youth Talent, Aspiring Professional and Coach.

Table tennis players start at a very young age, they learn the basics and are then normally selected for their regional team or national team. From there they further improve their technique and fitness to play against other countries and develop experience. At school leaving age they then either choose to continue their studies or dedicate themselves fully to table tennis, they will join a team in Europe where they have hopes of being a professional. It is competitive, where you will have to climb through the rankings and prove yourself to be able to play in the top division. Once they are satisfied of what they have achieved, most players then become coaches and pass on their knowledge to the youth of the game.

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