Arnie Ping Pong Super Bowl Commercial

Arnold Schwarzenegger Superbowl Commercial Bud Light

The new Arnie ping pong super bowl commercial will be aired during this year’s Super Bowl, look out for Mister Muscles hawking Bud Light. Arnie is the king of cheesy innuendos and classic action movies. When he started delivering throw away lines like “Consider that a divorce”, “He’s dead tired”, “I predict…a freeze” and the classic “I’ll…

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Judah Friedlander Ping Pong Challenge

Judah Friedlander 30 Rock comedian

The Winter Comedy Arts Festival is taking place in downtown Traverse City this weekend. Stand-up comedian and star of NBC’s “30 Rock” Judah Friedlander will be there but we don’t really care about the stand-up…we care about the Judah Friedlander ping pong challenge! During an interview, Judah challenged everyone in Traverse City to a ping pong…

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Mario Lopez Custom Ping Pong Paddle By Uberpong

Mario Lopez custom ping pong paddle

The Mario Lopez custom ping pong paddle was created for the host of EXTRA TV. Mario (AC Slater from Saved By The Bell) was spotted holding a custom Uberpong paddle shortly before a challenge against his co-host Maria Menounos. Check out the photo below of Mario alongside Adam Bobrow and Elmira Zainabudinova. photo: Adam Bobrow

You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man: Ping Pong Scene

You Can't Cheat An Honest Man

You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man (1939) stars WC Fields. His performance in the ping pong scene is hilarious and has to rank up there as one of the greatest ping pong movie moments. – Have you seen any other scenes in movies involving ping pong? Please leave your links in the comments.