5 Ping Pong Inspired Tattoos

ping pong photoraphy tattoos Uberpong

Uberpong recently collaborated with Kazakova Nastja on a photo shoot called “Play With Style”. The ping pong inspired tattoos were actually Photoshopped in and all of the models were based in Barcelona, Spain. We wanted to convey the idea that ping pong (and Uberpong!) is something that is a permanent attitude and not something that fades…

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Pizza Hut Ping Pong Commercial

Pizza Hut ping pong commercial Uberpong

Ping pong commercials are becoming increasingly frequent on TV and now Pizza Hut is jumping on the bandwagon. Having seen Pringles, Powerful Yogurt, Nike, Just For Men, Apple and Microsoft all embrace table tennis in their advertising campaigns, we now bring you the new Pizza Hut ping pong commercial. Look out for “the social game” towards the end…

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Just For Men Ping Pong Commercial

giant ping pong paddle table tennis table

The new Just For Men ping pong commercial for their Autostop range features a couple of guys playing table tennis with giant ping pong paddles. The comical game also sees them rallying with three table tennis balls! As the ad states: “Guys like things foolproof!”