POPP: Public Outdoor Ping Pong

POPP Public Outdoor Ping Pong Uberpong

POPP (Public Outdoor Ping Pong) is an initiative that has been launched in Australia. Three ping pong table designs have been produced and installed at over 170 diverse locations throughout the country. THE FLAGSHIP – First in, best dressed The Flagship table is a robust 700kg steel outdoor ping pong table. The beast is fully welded…

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GPS Ping Pong By WallyGPX

virtual geoglyph ping pong art

WallyGPX‘s tribute to table tennis was a one hour and forty-four minute cycling adventure through the streets of Baltimore. He achieved a maximum speed of 17.9mph, but as he often shares, most of the ride was pedaled at a pace which allowed him to focus on positioning and location over velocity. “GPS Ping Pong” was…

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LEGO Ping Pong Paddles And Table

Flappy Bird custom ping pong paddle

LEGO ping pong equipment has always been a dream for the Uberpong Crew. You may be familiar with Bwoywonder aka The Plastic Surgeon. He was the creator of the LEGO brick chains worn by Kanye West, Pharrell, Diddy, Cara Delevingne Will.I.Am. Bwoywonder has taken his creative prowess with the famous plastic bricks and exhibited his artistry in the fashion and…

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Custom Ping Pong Paddle Editor By Uberpong

Uberpong custom ping pong paddle editor

Uberpong have launched the world’s first two-sided custom ping pong paddle editor. The social ping pong brand allows you to upload your Instagram, Facebook and desktop photos and create your own custom paddles in just 30 seconds. Founder and CEO of Uberpong David Lowe added, “We responded to what our customers and clients were asking…

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Paddlestar Galactica Charity Ping Pong Tournament

Paddlestar Galactica 2 ping pong tournament

Paddlestar Galactica is back for its second event. 826DC is raising money by having volunteers and friends compete in a ping pong tournament. Participants have the month of March to fundraise and on March 30 participants will compete at the main event. The more money each participant raises the more cheats they’ll be able to “purchase” on the…

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Smash Pong: Enticing Installation Ping Pong Game

ping pong table Julien Vallee Eve Duhamel

Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel of Vallée Duhamel have created Smash Pong – a customized table tennis table that breaks all the rules of the game. And Uberpong salutes them! As part of an exhibition called “On! Handcrafted Digital Playground” at the Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati, Smash Pong  is a game that requires players to try and hit wooden pieces of varying shapes and…

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Monkey Ping Pong Paper Toy Instructable


Uberpong is a big fan of collectible and paper toys and anything that brings art and design together with ping pong. Check out this instructable that teaches you how to print, cut and fold a monkey ping pong paper toy. Here’s how he should look! [via Austin Visuals Animation Studio]

Kickass Handcrafted Ping Pong Paddle


Paul Alexandrov (Zuhlon on Instagram) sent us this short article about his awesome handcrafted ping pong paddle handle on his table tennis blade. Enjoy! “I have long been looking for a tool that will help me become a ping pong athlete. I tried soak the rubber in milk or freezing to very low temperatures but it…

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