Scream If You Love Table Tennis!

Scream costume mask ping pong

Germany kicked off the Carnival season – the traditional festivity which runs from 11th November through to Ash Wednesday. People wear costumes and have parades in the streets. The German table tennis site MyTischtennis wanted to do something special to mark the occasion so asked a famous German player to play table tennis wearing a Scream costume….

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Concert Pianist Ping Pong

Joja Wendt concert pianist ping pong

Uberpong loves improvisation and the idea of playing ping pong anywhere. Concert pianist Joja Wendt combines both of these things in the video below. He is playing a piece entitled, “Ping Pong Song” in March, 2008 in Hamburg. Watch as Joja gets up and starts playing! – Have you seen music combined with table tennis? If…

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Ping Pong Guide To Berlin

Brandenburg Gate Berlin Germany historic

Traveling is a great way to meet new people, experience cultures and sample world famous cuisine. Ping pong is the same. If you go to Berlin in Germany, you will find over 700 ping pong tables scattered throughout the capital including the notorious Dr Pong. What the Germans have realized (and Uberpong is pushing for this…

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