Uberpong Launches Custom Ping Pong Tables

custom ping pong table Uberpong beast mode

Following the massive success of our custom ping pong paddles, we have now launched custom ping pong tables. Made of the same materials used in boat manufacturing, the fiberglass tables are great to use outdoors or in just about any environment. We think they have much more aesthetic appeal than concrete ping pong tables and are an…

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Politicians Play Ping Pong To Stay Healthy

California Jerry brown ping pong

Usually, when politicians of separate parties take office, they change the decor, staff, and overall look of their offices. According to a June 3rd article in the Sacramento Bee, the office of California Governor Jerry Brown decided to prove that politicians play ping pong to stay healthy. He got rid of the stogies and installed a…

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Conjunctured Austin Fuses Work With Pong

table tennis workplace Uberpong Killerspin

The latest company to see the benefit of combining work and play is Conjunctured Austin. Run by David Walker and Thomas Heatherly, the coworking community has just put a ping pong table in their space in East Austin. Uberpong has provided designer table tennis paddles and balls. Now when Conjunctured members need to stretch their legs, they can keep their…

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Ping Pong Documentary Focuses On Senior Table Tennis Players

Ping pong documentary film poster

A recent ping pong documentary has impressed a number of film critics. Directed by Brit Hugh Hartford, Ping Pong focuses on the 15th-annual over-80 World Veterans Championship held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia over two years ago. According to the San Francisco Gate, chiropractic neurologist and certified chiropractic sports physician Dr. Leslie Prins explained that table tennis is…

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