Chevrolet Ping Pong Commercial

Chevrolet ping pong commercial mini table

The new Chevrolet ping pong commercial promotes the Chevrolet Captiva in Europe. The auto maker wanted to prove the car is “Ready For Everything”. In the video below, they build a mini ping pong table, jam it in the back of the car and drive around Europe looking for players! They invite people on the street…

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Pizza Hut Ping Pong Commercial

Pizza Hut ping pong commercial Uberpong

Ping pong commercials are becoming increasingly frequent on TV and now Pizza Hut is jumping on the bandwagon. Having seen Pringles, Powerful Yogurt, Nike, Just For Men, Apple and Microsoft all embrace table tennis in their advertising campaigns, we now bring you the new Pizza Hut ping pong commercial. Look out for “the social game” towards the end…

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Seth Godin Ping Pong Article

Seth Godin bald head profile

Seth Godin is a master marketeer and author of classic books like Purple Cow and Tribes. His blog (entitled simply “Seth’s blog”), gets more traffic in a day than most sites get in a year. Yesterday, Seth mentioned ping pong in one of his posts. Here it is in full: You’ve got ping, but they’ve got no pong “It’s…

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