Ralliers Short Film About Ping Pong Scene In London


The Ralliers short film is directed by Livingstone Thomas – a table tennis coach, community sports volunteer and founder of the London Fields Table Tennis Association. He invites us to try the sport out and meet other ralliers, enjoy its inclusive nature and witness its increasing social role in the city’s public spaces. Outdoor table tennis is rapidly…

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Manga Ping Pong Comic Books By Taiyo Matsumoto

manga ping pong Taiyo Matsumoto

Manga ping pong comic books are book. Ken Park introduced us to the work of Taiyō Matsumoto – one of the greatest manga artists in Japan. He made his debut in 1986 in the anthology Afternoon, with the short story Straight. His surrealist designs may remind you of Hayao Miyazaki and his most celebrated anime movie, Spirited Away. Well…

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Category: Art

Piing of Power Release Piingfinity

ping pong balls CGI FX

Piing of Power are a young and dynamic duo of table tennis players eager to make awesome videos. Joachim is the movie maker and Christian, the marketing man. Piing of Power wanted to do more than just play table tennis, so they came up with the idea to promote this underestimated sport using kickass videos! Well Uberpong salutes…

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What Do You Call A Ping Pong Venue?

Auntie Entity Tina Turner Mad Max

Paul McGuire sent us this from the Uberpong Facebook page and we really liked his thinking: “What do you call a venue for playing ping pong? Some suggestions: – pingnasium – pongatorium – pongarena – pongora – pingema – pongadrome My favorite is: Thunderpongadome! – Have you got any more ideas of what a ping pong…

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