5 Ping Pong Inspired Tattoos

ping pong photoraphy tattoos Uberpong

Uberpong recently collaborated with Kazakova Nastja on a photo shoot called “Play With Style”. The ping pong inspired tattoos were actually Photoshopped in and all of the models were based in Barcelona, Spain. We wanted to convey the idea that ping pong (and Uberpong!) is something that is a permanent attitude and not something that fades…

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Prison Ping Pong

Oneida (528) copy_edited-1

Written by Douglas Ljungkvist I had been photographing for my Ping Pong project for a couple of years when I started thinking about new and different venues that I could capture the game, or sport rather, that I had grown up playing in Sweden in the late 70’s. I had already photographed bar play, outdoor…

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