Uberpong Launches Custom Ping Pong Tables

custom ping pong table Uberpong beast mode

Following the massive success of our custom ping pong paddles, we have now launched custom ping pong tables. Made of the same materials used in boat manufacturing, the fiberglass tables are great to use outdoors or in just about any environment. We think they have much more aesthetic appeal than concrete ping pong tables and are an…

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Cops Playing Ping Pong

police ping pong badminton WTF

Cops playing ping pong? Sounds too weird to be true right? These two classy gents decided that they’d rather hone their rallying skills than control traffic, and who can blame them?! The video is a bit grainy, but don’t the paddles they’re using look suspiciously like Uberpong paddles?! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L3LEQ6lJTo]

Prison Ping Pong

Oneida (528) copy_edited-1

Written by Douglas Ljungkvist I had been photographing for my Ping Pong project for a couple of years when I started thinking about new and different venues that I could capture the game, or sport rather, that I had grown up playing in Sweden in the late 70’s. I had already photographed bar play, outdoor…

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